USA 2- Save a horse ride a cowboy On the way from the Grand Canyon we stopped off in Utah at Monument valley, it was really beautiful here, really interesting how all the rocks are solo standing. Also saw where Forrest Gump & Star Trek was filmed, it was so cool I loved it. image Durango, Colorado was our first little random stop, a very small little town and our first taste of the south. We all went out to Moe's bar, it was a great night I was up on the bar dancing everyone was a bit tipsy and loved it all. Our night ended however when one guy got a little too drunk, we jumped in a taxi to go home not realising what we had let ourselves in for. We bonded with the Kiwis this night, Shae & Jane, took all 4 of us to carry him into his room, when we thought he was okay he started to be sick, me and Jane swiftly left the room leaving the other 2 to deal with it, didn't want to crowd him... Thankfully he was alright but rudely didn't even say thank you or sorry the next day. Whilst in the town the next day me and Lara decided to do one of those old time photoshoots, we went for the theme 'Titanic gone wild' we were loving it got to dress up and everything. image Next stop was Albuquerque, New Mexico, I went on a Breaking Bad tour with Louise, never seen it myself but she loves it. I still found it interesting and was having fun talking about grain and then the welfare state in the UK with the taxi driver, he was also shocked to hear that Brits drink a lot of Budweiser a fact that made him happy. Next morning we went on a Hot air baloon ride, something i've always wanted to do so thought might as well do it here. It was great, a lot smoother and slower than I thought it would be, it was fun riding low as well and seeing people in their gardens. Best bit was the landing, we tipped over and got dragged along this bumpy waste land, all stuck lying down, certainly an experience I won't forget. image Is this the way to Amarillo.... our tour guide had never heard of this song or Peter Kay!! So we showed her the video, she awkwardly giggled along clearly not having a clue who anyone was she thought they were all big celebs in the UK, not quite just corrie stars and Jimmy Saville... top UK talent. We stayed at the Big texas inn which was great as all the room were cowboy themed. There was a steak challenge which a few guys took on but couldn't complete, it was massive 72oz like a joint of beef we'd have on a Sunday. We then all had a bit of a party there it was really fun and we got to learn some line dancing then Lou led the group in 5,6,7,8 steps. Such a fun but random time here it was great. image Throughout our journeys in the south we were played some random ass songs with the strangest lyrics (see the title of the blog) they get stuck in your head though which is irritating. But when we got to Dallas we went to a honky tonk and everyone there loved it. The honky tonk is a big party after the rodeo, full of proper cowboys so cool going to a proper rodeo in Fort Worth just a usual Friday night for the people who live there. Such a fun night everyone there dances like it's a ballroom so we all got up and had a go, a laugh for sure but we had to get on the bus early and missed out on pizza 😦 But then I brought a microwave one from the hotel convenience store, great end to the night. We had a chance to go to the JFK museum but the queue was too long so we didn't get to go which was frustrating but it was still interesting to see where it all happened. Dallas was a really nice city, modern but with some older buildings as well. image Louises fact- get to the JFK museum early.