South Africa – Week one.

Off on another adventure I go with Louise, this time to South Africa, it had been exactly a year since we had started Contiki so a perfect time for a reunion with our friends Brett & Tarryn who we met on the trip. I was so excited to go half to see the country and half just to see those guys!! (and also a bit excited that I get to blog again) I was dreading the 11 hour flight scared it was going to drag but it actually went extremely quick, I only watched 2 films but had a good sleep. There was a cool new feature on the plane; a chat service, you can talk to whoever you want you just put in their seat number and invite them to talk. It would be quite a good way of dating, see someone you fancy send a cheeky message join the mile high club… But no I just bitched to Louise about the person in front of me who put her chair back.

We arrived at 8am in Johannesburg, it was cold & cloudy which was a worry but it got hotter as the week went on. Brett & Tarryn were there to meet us, we headed back to their new house for a cup of tea and rusks- this werid lump of biscuit you dip in tea until it’s soft enough to eat, it was really nice. It’s strange drving through Joburg I haven’t seen anything like it before all the houses have high walls with electric fences along the top, it’s like the celebs houses in L.A but more extreme, they’re very high on security out here.

We headed out to the Cradle of Humankind. It was based where they have found the remains of ‘Mrs Ples’ (a 2.8 million year old fossil), we went round the museum then ended up in the most random boat ride there was no explanation for it we just got in it, went down a little stream which was all under ground, im guessing it was through the ice age etc but it would have been nice to have a sign to confirm this. Also there we went down into some caves, we got given some hard hats and looked amazing. The caves were quite cool but again no caves can compare to cheddar gorge, but it did have a bit better history. We then spent the night drinking some great wines and comparing Cadburys- something we have argued over for a year and although they do have some different varieties ours still wins of course.


The Monday morning we had to get up early and catch out flight to Cape Town, it was full of Chinese people who took a lot of aggro from the air hostesses until they sat down ready for the flight. They kept putting there hands over the backs of the chairs and nearly touching me which was irritating. We picked up the hire car and it was hilarious a little Hyundai i10, we barely fitted our suitcases in it, we named her Hilda. We headed to Tarryns family apartment which had a lovely view of the sea. We headed off for a nice lunch then sat at the beach for a bit before walking a long the promenade at sun set. It was stunning!!!

The next day me & Lou headed off to Robben Island, we got the ferry from the water front which was a lovely little area filled with restaraunts and shops, with stunning views of the mountains behind. The boat journey over to Robben Island was awful, nearly as bad as my day at Great Barrier Reef. They said the sea was calm, they lied!! We got a bus tour around the island which had beautiful views of Cape Town. We then got a tour around the prison from an ex-prisoner which was really impressive and of course we got to see Mandelas cell. It was an informative tour but wish there was more to read about it. That evening on the way to dinner Hilda had a traumatising experience. At a junction waiting to go a car rolled into the back of us, I could say we had a crash but it bumped into us so lightly we moved about a cm and we got a small scratch, but it was still traumatising for poor Hilda. (so small we got away with not telling the car hire and didn’t have to pay the excess)

On the 4th day we headed up Table mountain, the views just on the drive up were absolutely stunning so I had high hopes for the top. We got the cable car up which had a spinning floor, I hate cable cars, always remember this just as I’m stepping on, I just don’t trust them! But it was worth it, the views were ridiculous everywhere you looked. And it was great as well as it wasn’t just a little viewing area you could walk quite far up there and explore all over and there was beautiful views both sides. There was even a wifi lounge which pleased us as there is no wifi anywhere! After this we headed to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, they were the best I’ve seen, mountains, tree top walks, little streams it had it all and the bright sunshine was an added bonus. It was nice to have a little lay down and just people watch. We headed to a little park for a cake and scones which again was so pretty, every where here was. That night we got our cheeky nandos, was just as good as the UK. But a lot cheaper only £6.50 for what usually costs me about £14. All the food out here is so much cheaper everywhere you go even for a decent meal.

We were all interested in going to a vineyard so we booked into Warwick farm for a gourmet picnic. On arrival we started with wine tasting, it was now 12 and we hadn’t eaten anything so this wasn’t a wise choice, the wine was all good we got to taste 6 different ones and I was pissed. We had a good giggle at one of the wines called “old bush’. We then headed to our little spot for the picnic, it was a lovely garden area with all blankets and pillows set out for people and the picnic itself was divine (see more in my new food blog coming soon)!! Best food I’ve had, we ate and drank then slept in the sun for about 3 hours, my favourite day! We ended the day at a beautiful sunset along the beach.

We spent our final day in Cape Town going to a lovely spot for lunch after a magnificent drive along the coast, this place is honestly stunning.  It was bloody windy, and the waves were huge just like any day at the beach in the UK.  We headed to a market in the evening which was packed, all the food stalls looked amazing and I had a nice mexican. There was so many fitties there, one guy in particular took our interest – Mathew Bell who had his own art stall. We ever so coincidentally drank our wine near his stall and then went back later to eat our cake near him. Dinner with a view 😉

That was end of our little trip to Cape Town, a holiday within a holiday. I would recommend Cape Town to anyone, stunning beaches and views, plenty to do and amazing food!! I spent less than £200 in the 5 days I was there which I think is great considering we did a lot of things, ate out twice each day at nice places and drank plenty of wine. Bargailicous.  Off we go back to Joburg, look out for my next post where I will be talking about Joburg and our trip to Kruger National park.
Ciao for now bitches.

Lousies fact- if you want your dog fix go down to the promenade at sunset, dogs galore.


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