I loved my time in Canada, it is a great country and I would recommend it to anyone, there was a lot to see and do and it was easy to get around. It was certainly weird going away with the family after travelling with just Louise for 5 months it could definitely get stressful, 6 is a lot when it comes to deciding on what to do and where to eat, someone always needs a drink or the toilet. But we survived and got everything done.

The plane journey was only 7 hours, not too bad, we flew to our first stop on this little adventure Montreal. This was probably my least favourite stop, the French quater was quite pretty as it had some grand old buildings including the Notre Dam and nice little squares, the water front was good as well but the rest was just an average city, had good shopping though all close together. First morning we went for the most amazing breakfast along with the great food I was also excited as I saw the tennis player Milos Roanic exiting the place we were in, I was gutted I hadn’t spotted him earlier though. We had quite a cool moment down at the waterfront one day when we watched this woman fall into the water, we laughed then realised it was part of a hidden camera show so we sat and watched several times this lady doing the same thing and fooling people. Down by the waterfront me dad and Katie did a zip wire which was great fun but nerve wracking, when I did it in Thailand it was jungle below me, here it was concrete then shallow water. We visited the Olympic Park, that was great they’ve made good use out of it and the velodrome is now a biodome, like the Eden project but a 1000 times better, it was a lot smaller but had loads of animals in it. Also outside it had these big plaques with all the gold medal winners listed incuding Bruce Jenner, I thought that was pretty cool to see. We stayed to see a concert at the Olympic Park it was meant to be classical to celebrate VJ day but in the first half an hour there was about 2 pieces played and the rest was boring speaches mostly in French so we left. In Montreal we tried a beaver tail which was recommended to me it’s like a stretched doughnut with toppings and I loved it. We also had the Canadian dish Poutine which was chips, gravy and cheese curds. It’s a big thing out there and I had it quite a bit, strange as I usually have that drunk. From Montreal we catched the train to Ottawa which was easy and comfortable.


My favourite place we visited was our second stop, Ottawa. It wasn’t a massive city, still had a business area but it seemed a lot calmer, the principal language was English but everything was repeated in French also (In Montreal it was the other way round). The parliament building was stunning, and at night they did a light show projected on to it telling the history of Canada, it was great and was packed every night. We went on a bus tour which was on land and in water which was crazy and we saw great views of parliament from the river. It has a big canal system and it was really interesting watching the boats go up the 8 gated locks. We hired bikes one day and went on a 15km bike ride right up along the canal and to a waterfall leading to another river. It really was all stunning and there was some beautiful houses along the canal. There was a big market in town called the Rideu market, it was no aisan market but still really interesting to look through and they had a big food bit. Talking of food we had a buffet whilst there, I over did it again but it was all so yummy and a lot better quality than the one I had in the US. I loved our stay in Ottawa everything was nice and close so could do it all and see all the beautiful sights each day. Our hotel was really modern and I was happy as it had a Tim Hortons in it, this is a chain of coffee shops literally everywhere in Canada, and everyone you see is carrying their cups. They do good doughnuts and I presume good coffee as the parents always went there.



Toronto was our final city stop, it was just like any other big city really, skyscrapers, lots of people in a small space and numerous homeless people shouting about jesus. The main thing is obviously the CN tower, on the first day we went to look at it then went up it on the second day. First day the queues were really long and it was boiling hot so after robbies begging he got his way and we visited the aquarium, it was quite impressive but my god it was packed, so many frigging kids everywhere!! The Canadians also don’t know how to queue, you had to line up to get on this moving platform under a tunnel of fish (really impressive) but none of them seemed to realise it, some woman tried to push her buggy in front of me, oh no no I don’t think so love I tutted and gave her dirty looks until she got the message and went behind us. When we went up the CN tower we decided to go to the 360 restaurant, it does a full rotation in 72 minutes. The views were unbelievably stunning looking out onto the Toronto islands then when you went round onto the city. It was a really nice lunch and you also got access to the viewing deck and got to go on the glass floor which was awesome, we felt like VIPs going up as we had a lunch reservation you skip by all the queues I would definitely recommend doing it this way. Our final day we went on a trip to the Toronto islands, we booked it through the hotel but it was not as good as what I’ve had in the past. When we got to the harbour the driver just vaguely pointed out a boat we should get on and it took us half an hour to find the right one. We then had a nice suprise it wasn’t just a shuttle boat it was a tour which confused us at first but was good. The islands were lovely, we spent the day on the beach and went for a short walk. When we returned off the boat the driver was not there, we waited 20 mins then walked back to the hotel, it was only about half an hour but I had a huge blister so it killed me. We complained to the hotel and the crazy swede who also went demanded a full refund and compensation so we got a free breakfast, woop woop. Put us all in a good mood and I finally got to visit the Keg steak house, it’s a chain all over and I had wanted to go since Montreal (we tried to get in there but it was too busy). It was worth the wait, one of the best steaks I’ve had. A great way to end Toronto.



We picked up the car in Toronto and headed off towards Niagra falls, something I was extremely excited for as I love waterfalls I’m not sure why I just think they’re pretty and fascinating as well. The drive was as expected, a disaster, just dad swearing and slamming on his brakes for nearly 2 hours we was all relieved when he opted for valet parking at the hotel. Now I’ve heard before to visit Niagra on the Canada side as it is less tacky than the US… I don’t actually think it is possible to get tackier than where we was. It was like vegas for kids!! The main street was laid out like this – haunted house, arcade, ice cream shop, souvenir store and repeat 50 times, everything was sticking out of buildings like king kong. We let Robbie do one thing- crazy golf, 18 holes oh joy! Open till 3am, who would ever do crazy golf that late? Other than the crazyness the actual falls were stunning!! Definitely need to be Canada side for the best views. We did it all, firstly the journey behind the falls which was great as you go on the tunnels behind the horseshoe falls and stand right next to it. Then went to the museum explaining all the crazy people that have gone over it, stupid people. Then finally the main thing the boat ride right up to it. It was fantastic I would do it again and again. The wind that hits you just chucks the water at you its crazy, everyone is just going mental I loved it. Definitely definitely worth a visit!! Only spent a night here but saw what we needed to and had an ihop for breakfast but it was so much more expensive than US prices which was weird, but still big and yummy.



For our final stop on this little adventure we headed up to the Musokosa area which was all lakes and forestry. We stayed in a little cabin by a lake which was lovely. The views certainly made up for the awful drive there, wish my dad actually looked before pulling out into traffic it would make life easier. There was a nice little beach onto the lake which we spent our time at relaxing after a busy 10 days. There was kayaks to use which we did and a pontoon and slide in the lake which was great. It was nice as well to eat in, we had a BBQ each night which was great then we would play cards on the deck till bed (and watched grease one night). Worse bit was mum telling us too late that it was one of the worst places for Mosquitos, we thankfully got some repellent the second day but not before I was bitted 41 times on my legs!!!!! Fun fun fun for me 😦 They lit a campfire each night so we went down and roasted our marshmallows so cute.



So that’s it our time came to an end, it was great trip away and I could say so much more, esp about the food hehe, in my dads words ‘haven’t had a bad meal yet’ said after every meal!! But he was right, always makes a holiday better. Dunno when I’ll next be going away but don’t worry I’ll blog when I do.

Louises fact- you need to go to Canada to give a fact for it.


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