A month or so later…

Hello fans, been a while hasn’t it? After so much begging I’ve decided to give you guys another post on a reflection of my time away and my life since travelling, as thrilling as it is. I thought by now Lonely Planet would have snapped me up and would be sending me around the world to write for them, but unfortunately I must have missed that call as I’m still sitting at home doing bugger all, I’ve got so bored I joined the gym (lol). At least the weather has improved and if I close my eyes im back sunbathing in Daytona beach, Florida… minus the man shitting by the pool. I had a great 5 months travelling the world with my bestie Lou, I couldn’t have asked for a better travelling partner, well maybe someone better at directions, JUST KIDDING!!! Travel buddy for life.

Asia is like no-where else, I loved travelling around here, it is so crazy to think that all we had was a flight booked to Bangkok then 6 weeks later one booked out of Singapore. It was the most fun just doing what we wanted booking flights just a day in advance and off to see a different country, I will always have fond memories of the place. But not the dodgy food i.e 90% sure we ate dog in Vietman and of course my lovely chicken skin curry in Chiang Mai, bleugh. But it is where I pushed the boundaries and ate a whole chicken, jacket potato, side salad then half a dessert, ahhh happy memories. I don’t think I ever told the story of the woman passing out on our first plane, she had obviously over heated and they did the whole ‘is there a Dr on board’ I was so engrossed in the drama I nearly said yes! I wanted my movie moment. It’s hard to chose a favourite place here, I loved everywhere we went and would love to go to them all again to get to see more of the countries esp Vietnam and Laos. Thailand is the easiest place to go as they are very used to tourists so there’s nothing to worry about. Cambodia needs to sort their roads out and then I’d vist again. I was suprised with Malaysia as it wasn’t somewhere we were meant to spend a lot of time and I loved it, but I still dream of moving to Singapore and living the highlife.
At Angkor Wat, Cambodia looking so pale!!

With our brummie mates in Koh Phi Phi.

With Jenny and our Ladyboy guide from the elephant sanctuary, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Australia was pretty darn awesome there is just so much to do and see, the Whitsundays are still the most beautiful place I visited and the Uncle Brians waterfall tour is still the best day of my life. Probably had the best food out here; the best thing was this roll with haloumi, guacamole, rocket and a fried egg, it was insane!! I loved the country but I really don’t see why people go crazy about it and dream of living there, yeah it’s hot but apart from that there is nothing else to draw you in, a great place for a trip of a lifetime but after that it’s not for me soz.
Great Barrier Reef selfie.

Loving life in my stinger suit at the Whitsundays.

I have such great memories of New Zealand, it was stunning but by then end I wasn’t even bothered by the views I’d see as it was just getting ridiculous seeing these amazing views every single day!! The Kiwi Experience was the best time ever and although there was a lot of pointless stops I at least had a great group of people to spend it with. I would recommend it to everyone definitely if you are just thinking of going to Australia add New Zealand in as well, it is definitely worth it and the pies are awesome!!
Our Kiwi Experience group.

At one of the many beautiful coastal stops.

Looking so pale here!! On the way to one of our great experiences, Waitomo caves.

Of course Fiji was paradise it was literally a post card and a perfect break. If anyone is doing a long tour I would definitely recommend adding this in to break it up, it was great to just relax and not rush around for once. When we got to our first island I remember I went to get my bag off the boat and a member of staff said “just leave that, your on holiday we will take it for you” it felt so good, I swear the whole time in Fiji the furthest I carried my bag was like 10 metres. They really do put you first and even as back packers they treated us the same as their guests staying in their nice villas.

On our village tour.

Beach selfie.

USA was my final stop and was just as good as I imagined, some of the bus journeys were really long but the places we saw were great. I loved seeing how a country could change so much state to state. I really did make friends for life on this trip amd they made it so great. I think with America you kinda know what to expect from all the movies and t.v programmes and it is just like that, it was awesome. I had a great time right up until the end, at the airport coming home I sat opposite a family in the departure lounge having a right domestic, when the parents walked off to argue more (think they caught me staring) the little kid informed me they had lost the camera with all the photos on, what a mare but entertainment for me!

Mini Kiwi Experience reunion in LA.

Our Contiki group.

Classic tourist photo with Tarryn.

I keep being asked where my favourite place was but I honestly can’t answer that. South East Asia was incredible to travel around and was completely different to the other places we visited. I had an awesome time in Australia with great day trips. New Zealand was stunning and we had the best time ever touring it, Fiji was paradise and the US was so many different cultures mixed into one it was unreal. I loved them all and would encourage anyone to visit all those places.

Since being home I haven’t really done a lot, mum paid me £20 to clean the oven so that kept me going for a while. Thankfully laying on my sofa watching Mad Men 24/7 doesn’t cost anything!!! I do the ironing for mum that keeps her happy, my life is pretty chilled which is actually great after having such a hectic 5 months. I just apply for job after job but still no success which is killing me I just want to work. But whatever you do don’t ask me to what I want to do, that’s still to be decided, my career is certainly going to be trial and error but meh I’m young I’ve got time to figure things out.

For now I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has followed this blog and my journey. It really was a trip of a lifetime and although I would never travel for that long again as it is so tiring my list of places to visit is ever growing, but hey im only 21 and the world isn’t going anywhere. For now Chatteris will have to do… well until August when im off to explore Canada for 2 weeks with the fam, see yaz for now.

P.s Hostelworld my nationality is British not ‘England’ you fools.


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  1. Janine · July 9, 2015

    It’s been great reading about your travels, Lucy! I’m sure ALS would take you back in a heartbeat 😉


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