USA 4- Final parts of my journey

On our way to the next stop we visted the Kennedy space centre. I had wanted to go there since my first visit to Florida when I was 7/8 years old. I was so excited and had a great day seeing and learning about it all although it was smaller than I was expecting.

When we got to St Augustine , Florida we got checked into a dodgy hotel it honestly looked like something off Forensic Files (which we had watched EVERY night, love it) but at least the town was nice. Most people were disappointed with their meals but I enjoined my deep fried shrimp stuffed with crab, delicous! After dinner we got some lovely ice creams then went on a walk around to explore it more, it was full of old beautiful buildings which made a nice change from the rest of Florida.

When we arrived in Savannah, Georgia we had a walking tour around the city, it was a really pretty place with lots of little squares. We went for a good Mexican that night and then decided not to be boring and go out. We had pre-drinks with the crew which was more enjoyable than the bar. I mean it was a good place everyone was out in good spirits but the music was awful, that really does put a downer on a night out but it was good to have a night away from Forensic Files.

On our way to Raleigh, North Carolina we stopped off in Charleston, South Carolina it was another place filled with lovely older buildings and also had a cool market running through it, we went for lunch at a restaurant which essentially did pulled pork in all different ways. Most of us had big jacket potatoes, they were the biggest potatoes I have ever seen which was good as we were all dreading the quality of food we would be getting later on at the Golden Corale buffet. When we got to Raleigh we went pretty much straight to the restaurant, and my god what a night I had. Lou tried to challenge me to a eat off within seconds she took that back. Got myself 2 full plates of food and then a bowl of nachos, the food was actually better quality than anyone had expected. Lou knew she wouldn’t beat me on the main course so challenged me to dessert instead. I of course smashed it – candy floss, melted chocolate with strawberries & marshmallows, bannana pudding, brownie, cookie, ice-cream & a few sweets. It was like man vs food, I should not be allowed near a buffet I was in so much pain but worth it for the lolz.

On our way into Washington DC we stopped off at the Arlington National Cemetery. it was beautiful here and absolutely massive. We got to see JFK’s grave aswell as watch the changing of the guard. The first night we did a tour of the city which was great as we got to see so many memorials including MLK, Korean war (which was brilliant at night as it made it more eerie) and of course Lincoln memorial as well as a few others. It was really good seeing them at night and saved us a lot of time during our days. When we got back from the tour we contemplated going out but instead after a hilarious trip to CVS we had a chocolate night with Jayne, Shae, Brett & Tarryn. We also got some Ice cream and bought a box of 48 spoons for it. We ended up staying up till 1am watching youtube videos, we introduced them to Β£1 fish haha.

We got up early to go to the Holocaust museum and it was worth it, it was a well set out museum with so much information. We then went up the Washington Monumen, which gave us great views of the city and we then went to see the White House. It was a bit disappointing, it’s not very big, it’s got nothing on the Melton mansion. We went for a meal with Tarryn & Brett that night to a steak place Lou had read about, it was a set $20 and you got- bread, a salad then 2 lots of steak & chips with a delicious sauce, that was the only thing on the menu it was so cool and tasted great. The night improved when we got it for free!! They charged Brett the wrong amount so cancelled the transaction then when they tried to put it through again it didn’t work. So the waiter comes over and says as it’s his fault it’s on him. We couldn’t believe it, we celebrated by having another chocolate night hehe. Final day we went to the American museum which was disappointing mostly because the US has no history. Highlight of the day was the Nandos, finally a good Nandos but us and the S.AFs said home was better so that battle continues. I loved Washington but still so much to do there definitely need to go back.


Moving on the next day we had a lunch stop in Philadelphia and after running up the rocky steps I had worked up an appetite. Instead of trying the philly cheese steak I finally got Chipotle!! It was definitely worth the wait, and an added bonus that is was cheap and quick. Wish we had these in the UK but probably good we don’t as I would eat there constantly.

After 26 days, 22 States & 5,000 miles we completed our journey from LA to NY with Contiki. Sadly we had to say goodbye to Lara & Dani here 😦 Our first night we went for an amazing Italian with Brett &Tarryn it was delicious one of the best pastas I’ve had. (they lived here for 3 months so had a good knowledge on where to go)We then just went for a walk around and saw Times Square, forgot how crazy busy this place was. Next day was quite chilled just sat in Central park then did a bit of shopping with Eleanor (from Kiwi experienxce) it was great to see her again. That night we got tickets to see Wicked, only $30!! A great show but then we had to say goodbye to Shae & Jayne so only 4 of our crew left 😦 We had a Chop’t that night it’s like a subway but salads and so so yummy we had another one a couple of days later.

Next day me & Lou went to a Yankees game, it was soooo hot I didn’t think I could get more tanned but still got t-shirt marks. The game was okay but lacked atmosphere, and they wouldn’t let me take my GoPro in so had to put it in a locker. We obviously met with Brett & Tarryn for dinner and I had lovely seared tuna and avacado tacos yum yum. We finally got cupcakes from Georgetown bakery so after devouring them we sadly said goodbye to these two 😦 We visited the 9/11 memorial museum, it was massive and really interesting but god Americans over react, it was like some of the people in there were hearing about it for the first time! On our final full day I walked the Brooklyn bridge whilst Lou shopped. It was a great walk and lovely to have lunch looking out over the Manhattan Skyline. Our final meal together was Chipotle, we have had so many Mexicans this trip we had to end on one. It was so weird going our separate ways after 5 months of being together it was all over 😦 I spent my night packing and headed out for Manhattanhenge, the streets were packed and cars could barely get through, unfortunately it was a bit cloudy so ruined it a bit then the police came and told everyone to get out of the street, party poopers. And now I’m here in centra park writing this in the sun surrounded by a Feminist cult waiting for my flight later.

I loved my time in the US it was so cool to see all the different states and how much each one is so different to the next. Made some friends for life on this trip and cannot wait to travel all over to see them again.

Louises fact- Visiting the monuments in Washington DC at night is a great experience.

So this is it, the end of my trip, stay tuned for my final blog post reflecting on the past 5 months.


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