USA 3- My hands are shaky and my knees are weak

Memphis, Tennesse was a nice place to stop and we got our first glance at the Missippi river, it was massive but looked really dirty what I imagined really. There was a big street party going on in the evening so we headed down to have a looky, it was ridiculously busy and there was a big circle
people were dancing in with these posh boys taking on the gangsters, quite a laugh. The main thing we did in Memphis was visit Graceland, the home of Elvis. The house was beautiful, some questionable decorating choices but hey that was years ago. It was interesting as well I didn’t really know much about him so it was good to learn about it all and see the lavish lifestyle he lived.


One of my favourite stops on this trip was New Orleons, Louisiana. It was such a beautiful city, the French quater was lovely and great that it had all been kept that way. One of the optionals was a $33 meal, first of all it was definitely not worth that, the food was nice but not amazing and the portions were not ideal. Best thing about this meal was making friends with the South African couple Brett & Tarryn, we spent the night bonding over the BBC and the stupid discussions they have on Radio 2. Then arguing over whose Cadburys and Nandos is better (the fight still goes on). After the meal we all headed out to Bourbon street, it’s just bar after bar, a good unexpected night out. The next day was a good relaxing day with English Penny (2 pennys on the trip) we went for a bit of shopping then stopped off for lunch and had some proper New Orleons food which was huge portions, then explored the French quarter. It was nice to have a relaxing day like that to explore a place properly and not have to rush it all. We had a big night out as some people were leaving and we had new people join us. The theme was pimps & hoes I just put a feather bower around my shoulders but still looked more hoey than most, people are shit with fancy dress and that angers me. I got wasted that night, I don’t know how I got so drunk it just all hit me at once. Sat on the floor in the toilets whilst waiting then farted and blamed it on the fact I’d drank Dr pepper haha, don’t know if people believed me or not. Such a good night, great end to an awesome place.


Panama city beach was a bit of a pointless stop as we didn’t get there till about 4pm so we didn’t have time to go to the beach. We just went for dinner, it felt just like we were in Orlando, therefore I concluded all of Florida is the same. Most memorable part of this stop was the Fro Yo I had there it was a peanut butter flavour which was delicious and a cake mix flavour, it was yummy.

I was so happy to be back in Orlando, kinda weird not being there with the family but still enjoyable. We only had 2 nights there but we sure made the most of it, first night we headed to Downtown Disney for dinner with our little crew (Kiwis, South Africans, Brits, we’re a diverse group) it was a good night looking around and visiting the giant gift shop. The next day most people went to Universal but we took the cheaper option and spent the day at Typhoon Lagoon. I love it there, we went on every ride, swam with sharks, lazy river and of course hit the waves, I always forget how big they are. So big Louise nearly shit herself, not from fear but from a dodgy tummy. We also had plenty of time to lay in the sun it was bliss. That evening we headed over to Universal to go for dinner with Lara and Dani, so that was another place ticked off, can’t believe how much we managed to get in, we weren’t gonna waste any time that’s for sure. I was sad to leave this place it makes me want to come back and do it all over again properly.

‘Welcome to Miami’, this place was definitely a playground for the rich, it was a bigger more expensive version of Marbella. We had lunch when we got there and I ordered a Shrimp cocktail… well their idea of a cocktail is different to ours, bloody 5 shrimps came out on a glass of ice. Piss take. Even worse we had a Cuban meal that night that was tiny, bad day for a Melton. We just chilled on the beach the next day topping up the tan in the Miami heat (well in the afternoon in the morning it was pissing it down). Also had my first Ihop, I loved it, no shortage of food here i’ll tell you that for free. Had a bit of a disastrous night out, me and Lou didn’t do the boat cruise but we got all dressed up and went to meet them at the club. Whilst sitting in McDonald’s waiting for them we got a call from the girls saying that everyone on the trip doesn’t like us English thinking were boring, moan a lot and rude!! Well we got straight on that bus and went back, that was the end of us making an effort outside of our crew. Miami was pretty wild but not for good reasons. (Also had the nicest room it was just like an apartment.)

We stopped off at Daytona beach next it was good as we got there in enough time to have a good amount of time around the pool to tan, us girls were loving it until the incident happened… We were all laying there in absolute bliss when Penny starts making a strange noise, I then hear Lara go “that man’s shitting himself” and sure enough this bloke had walked along with poo dropping out the bottom of his shorts, thankfully I didn’t see it happen but you could see all the big piles he left behind just like a dog. At that point everyone else sits up and are all in disbelief it just happened. Dani told reception to which he replied “you telling me a grown ass man has shit by my pool”. Such a great story, it’s safe to say we soon left esp after the smell wafted into my face. Also had a good BBQ that night so good memories from there.


Louises fact- At Typhoon Lagoon always make sure you know where the exit of the pool is… just incase.


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