USA 1- Hopped off the plane at LAX

After an 11 hour flight we landed at LAX Airport where we had a while to kill before our connecting flight to San Francisco, we went and sat in the arrivals lounge and got a bit emotional seeing people getting reunited. Our flight kept getting delayed which was frustrating but we finally got to our hostel in San Fran at midnight. After being awake for over 36 hours and travelling for 24 of those we completely crashed until 1pm woops.

San Fran was such a good city it looked just like the movies but with an added amount of tramps, there are seriously a lot out here which is quite sad really. Whilst here we did the usual tourist things, first day after finally leaving the hostel at 3pm we rode on the famous trolley up the big hilled streets, it was cool to do but would have been more enjoyable if we weren’t all crammed in. We also went to Joes crab shack and got the crab nachos I’d had in Florida a few yeara ago, just as good as I remember. I was freezing cold so brought the most touristy coat ever so “American mom” I love it.

Next day we walked over the Goldrn Gate bridge which was really nice but there was a bridge a bit further down which was a lot longer and more impressive… just saying. We also of course visited Alcatraz; I really enjoyed it here and it was really interesting, I didn’t realise families actually lived on the Island as well and kids took a boat to school, very odd. Sounds like we didn’t do a lot here but we also walked around and explored the city etc.



We flew back down to LA and stayed right on Hollywood boulevard which was a bit dodgy and full of homeless people, not the nicest area but busy. I was so excited to get here and meet up with Jem & Mike who we met on the Kiwi Experience (if you’ve read my older blogs you will know about them). We had a great day with them going on one of those tours to see celebs houses, I was loving it, so cheesy it was great and some of the houses were beaut. On our way back we decided to pop into the Scientology building to have a free personality test. We thought it would take only a few minutes, we were in there nearly 2 hours!! Essentially I got told I was depressed and very aggressive but perfect to be PM he said so not gonna change a thing.

The next day Eleanor from Kiwi also joined us and we went to Santa Monica then hired bikes to go down to Venice beach. It was such a nice ride along the beaches, nice and sunny as well. Perfect day. We had to rush back to head to the welcome meeting for Contiki. It was nice to meet everyone and got us excited to start the next morning.



Vegas babyyyyyy. I loved it here I wad expecting tacky and I got it, you just have to embrace it. You see some sights as well; I walked up the strip to look at all the hotels and my favourite thing I saw was all the “G’s” on the motorised scooters. They were all there with their trousers right down, tops off and leaning right back, clearly not needing to the scooters and driving up to girls stopping and saying stuff like “damn girl”. On the first night we went to Planet Hollywood for dinner, the food was crap but we made friends with Lara and Dani, the other English girls on the tour pretty much everyone else is Australian. We all went for a night out at the Palms, it was a really good night no-one really knew each other but that was good as everyone mixed well. I also discovered that big American men of a different race to myself have a thing for me, 2 tried dancing with me and a 3rd gave me his number. Thankfully Jackie and Marquis helped me out and got me away from a particularly creepy guy. On the second night we got to go for a limo ride down the strip then off to a club to see Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, they didn’t come on till 1am which was annoying but we went out the club for a bit then came back to see them, they were really good so glad we stuck around to watch.



The Grand Canyon was stunning we got to spend 2 nights here which was a good recovery from Vegas. We decided to go on a guided walk, well it turned out to be just a talk so we went off with a group of others to see more of it but it started to rain so we went for lunch instead. The food was awful in both places we ate there, disappointing. The canyon was stunning and thankfully it cleared up in time for the sunset which was incredible. Literally cannot believe how big it was. Most important thing that happened there was me n Lou discovered a huge love for ‘Forensic Files’ a great t.v programe discussing how forensics solved all these crimes. We love it!! At first I couldn’t sleep after watching it as it creeped me out but now i’ve watched so much of it i’m fine thankfully.


Im loving the US so far and
everyone on contiki seems really nice, onto Durango we went….

Louises fact- You will never see Lucy Melton move as fast as when our table is ready in a restaurant.


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