Bula it’s Fiji time

When we landed in Fiji we were met by torrential rain, we could not believe it I was close to tears. The day picked up when at our hostel we got given a double room, so we just slept all afternoon, bliss. Everyone there was so friendly and polite all shook your hand and introduced themselves. Thankfully the next morning we awoke to bright sunshine and so our island hopping began…


Beachcomber was supposed to be this huge party island, not quite. There was probably 50 people on the whole island our dorm could fit around 150 split between male & female we had 7 girls in our side. We had a good time though, we decided to just get drunk and have our own party with a few others. We made a good little group with a couple of the guys Kit and James stalking us all the way from Auckland, I thought they looked like chavs when I saw them on our flight but getting to know them on Beachcomber they turned out alright! We all played volleyball one day which was fun and all the Fijians got involved, they could actually play quite well and in the end it was just me Kit and James and about 10 of them, safe to say we stood out quite a bit.

We had a performance by the workers on the island, Fijian dancing was great, then when we were all dancing the gay barman got up and was loving it, hilarious. As well as this little Russian kid who kept being left alone by his mother throughout the day, he was such a funny little dancer really got into it. Not sure where he got his dance moves from probably a strip club where his mother worked. Me and Lou also did karaoke, the music was so loud you couldn’t hear us thankfully, we sang ‘shake it off’ by Taylor Swift the crowd loved it and so did we. We also played mini golf with our little crew which was fun but full of cheating, made it more of a laugh. The island was so small so odd to have mini golf course in the middle of it. It was really cool to start on a small island it was really beautiful and had a great time there, apart from the food was a bit hit and miss it was a buffet but not sure what half of it was.


When we first arrived on Manta Ray beach resort we went straight to lunch which was a lot better than Beachcomber as we got a choice, so we went for classic Fijian cuisine, I had Spag Bol and Lou had Fish & Chips. We then went to our room to close our eyes for a couple of minutes, woke up 3 hours later. Great nap and it was cloudy outside so didn’t really matter didn’t lose any tanning time. That night the resort also did some traditional dancing, then got everyone up to do a weird sort of conga line, it was just another surreal moment. Next day we actually made it down to the beach to sunbathe and I also finally used my snorkel again, had been carrying it around and not using it since Thailand!! It was stunning just as good as the Great Barrier Reef and I didn’t have to deal with sea sickness which was a bonus although the sea kept going in my snorkel so I threw it away, snorkeling is just not for me. I had a lovely time in Manta Ray and got the tan nicely topped up.



Blue lagoon resort was just absolute paradise, I thought the rest were nice but this was just beyond them completely. The beach was stunning and so was the resort. The dorms were 8 beds all single beds no bunk beds and so comfy. The food here was nicer also, best breakfast here I had poached eggs both mornings, yummy. We met Sophie in our dorm pretty much straight away and had a great few days with her. The first night we all went to the movie on the beach which was so cool watching Inception under the stars. Second night was hilarious with crab racing, all picked a crab then the first one out the circle won Louises crab one lol, her biggest achievement to date. What I loved most about our time here was the pool, it was so nice to tan by a nice pool and not get sand everywhere, loved it!! Was very sad to leave esp as we had a 5 hour boat journey back, but it’s alright we saw Robbie AGAIN!



Back on the main land we had a couple of days free so the first day we went to the town and market, it was like being back in Asia, very small and run down. The market has a sign saying you will not get hassled, complete lie they do not stop trying to sell you things. Our second day we went on a day trip, just me n Lou was on it, felt like a VIP private tour. We visited a Fijian town which was really interesting hearing about the past and traditions. We also visited some gardens which were stunning and then went to a temple and another market, overall a good day. On our final night we went for dinner then when we came back who had arrived and been put in our room… Robbie. Funniest thing, gonna miss bumping into him.



Had an amazing 10 days in paradise, was certainly sad to leave. Came away with an amazing tan.. and the shits. Cheers Fiji.

Louises fact – Fijians love a good remix, and don’t drink the tap water because you will get ill.


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