NZ 3 – How’s it going? F*****G UNREAL

As we continued our way down the south island we stopped at Westport which was the creepiest town we went to, they said it was a bit backwards and they weren’t kidding. Every house looked like a crack den and the people were dodge. We walked to the beach which is meant to be a 25min walk, nope took us 45min, by the time we were there it was dark. Pointless trip.

Lake Mahinapua was another pointless stop, we had to pay $50 to stay in these little mobile homes with 2 bunk beds squashed in. The lake wasn’t even that special, seen better and the water did not look great, I’ve seen reservoirs that are cleaner!!(the smiths obvs) We had a fancy dress night with the theme being ‘anything’ so I went as a traffic cone. We were driving along and I saw one by the side of the road, I said to Lou “I could be a traffic cone” so that’s what I did. We stopped to get supplies for the evening, at first I thought there was no face paint so my dreams of being a cone were over but then the cashier pointed me towards poster paint and assured me it would be ok. Thankfully it did all come off when I had a shower at 2am, I was drunk but not drunk enough to go to bed bright orange. It was a good night actually, I spoke to more people on the bus but decided I still wasn’t keen on them. Our bus broke the record for the most amount spent behind the bar- $4500. Pretty sure half of that was the farmers!!

Franz Josef was quite a let down.
I did get to go on another beaut horse trek though, this time with Mike and Jem, we went through a rainforest and looked over towards the glacier, crazy to find so much beautiful nature in one place. We didn’t sign up to do the glacier walk as it was bloody expensive but it was cancelled anyway due to weather so didn’t miss out. We did walk up to see the glacier, what we saw was disappointing as well, Lou summed it up by saying “is that it?” Then the walk back we got drenched. It was fun in Franz Josef as we met up with everyone again who we left in Wellington and Sara and Claire as well. It was good to see everyone and catch up with the goss. Sam and Carl skipped ahead a night and joined our bus which was good to have more people to distract us from the rest of the bus.



Wanaka was a really nice place to stop, we didn’t do anything special here, didn’t even go out but I had a great lamb pie as a snack in the afternoon!! And there was free wifi all over the town so we just abused this.

I feel i’ve been quite negative so far in this post but this will all stop now im talking about Queenstown. I Ioved this place, it felt like the whole time we were in the south island we were waiting to get there, it was worth the wait for the food alone. There was quite a few things we were told to try, so of course I had them all. First up was the Ferg Burger, god it was good and massive as well, I can honestly say up there with the best burgers I’ve ever had (Lou convinced herself it made her ill for 2 days so had bad reviews, but we know what she’s like so don’t listen to her). Then that night on the way home I shared a fat badgers pizza with Shona, did not let me down, it had so many toppings and plenty of cheese! Up next we had cookies from cookie time for breakfast, not as good as millies cookies but still incredible, and it was happy hour 8-9am so got a hot chocolate for $1. I also then that night on the way home at 3am got a steak and cheese pie from the Ferg Bakery with the lads, a pie is a perfect way to end a night!


Of course in Queenstown I went out every night, we had 3 nights there so made the most of it. It was sad the second night saying goodbye to Shona, Chris, Jem and Mike we’d been room buddies with them since Kaiteriter so it was sad to leave them. Then on the second and final night the whole crew was back together again, so we then had all the big goodbyes all over again, sad times. Don’t worry (mother) I didn’t just drink and eat in Queenstown we also went on a day trip to Milford Sound, this was a long day we were on the coach overall for 9 hours!!!! All for 1hr15mins on the boat. It was stunning and we had a great laugh (on there with Shona and Chris) it turned into a photoshoot essentially, made full use of the selfie stick. So a good but tiring day. Also in Queenstown Lou did the nevis bungy, she liked it but said it wasn’t life changing.


Leaving Queenstown behind it was down to me, Lou, Sara, Claire, Sam and the doctor left from the original bus.

Louises fact – You won’t be disappointed if you go to Queenstown.


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