NZ 2 – It was amazinggg

Lake Taupo was definitely one of my favourite places in NZ, it was a really nice little town on the lake. Lou did her skydive here, if your friends with her on fb and haven’t seen her vid check it out it’s hilarious. I didn’t do one myself, I’m too scared to go on oblivion at Alton towers so I feel a skydive wouldn’t be a wise choice. Sara and Claire left us here, had a good night out with Sara before they moved on, got a hot dog for $2 on the way home (we were only across the road) loving life. The next night we went out with everyone, I think the first time everyone really mixed well with each other. Drank a lot of vodka rasberrys that night, lou was sick the next day, she even ran off the bus to be sick lol and I felt awful all day. You’ll all be sad to here that night Tamantha and Robbie ended their love affair, however Tamantha bounced back and fell for Bobby. Theres a life lesson here, if it’s not working change the first letter of their name and see what happens!!

River Valley was an odd but good stop, we were literally just in a valley, nothing else around us. The night at River Valley was strange, we were in a dorm of 32 people, the beds were just essentially one big mattress. And of course after a few drinks some people got a bit frisky for everyone to hear. For once the gossip was not about Tamantha. Here I went on a horse trek, when coming away I said I wanted to ride somewhere cool so im glad I did it here, we rode up through the valley, hearded some sheep out the way, it was all stunning. Hadn’t rode in about 9 years but thankfully remembered it all. After the trek we all just lazed around by the river and went across on this little platform on a wire you pulled yourself a cross on (or get others to pull you across). I of course went first, it was fun till you stop and find yourself dangling over a river.

We only stopped in Wellington one night on the way down and didn’t get there till evening and had to leave early morning. So we went out. This time me and lou were smart and made our own vodka rasberrys before going out, it was quite a sad night as everyone was splitting up at this point all staying different times in Wellington, so everytime someone left there was a big goodbye. Nothing more to say on Wellington as we just drank there, on the way up I’ll have more to say.

The ferry over from North to South Island was loooong, 3 and a half hours, it dragged so much esp being hungover. At this point there was only 10 of us left from the original bus, the farmers, Shona and Chris, Jem and Mike, the Doc, Erik then me and Lou. We decided pretty much immediately we hated the new bus so segregated ourselves from them and spent most the south island together.

Kaiteriter, quite a pointless stop but we did win a pub quiz!! Fuelled on by the 2 vodkas you got included with your fish & chips (i love this place) me Lou, Shona, Chris, Jem and Mike formed an unstoppable team- Norfolk and Chance. Hehe naughty words. It was a relatively easy quiz but some odd questions here and there. We won a $50 bar tap so got a pitcher of cider, bottle of wine and a coke for louise. Money well spent.

Louises fact- Vodka rasberrys are great, but know your limits.


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