NZ 1- Kia Ora

My blogs for New Zealand are gonna be the hardest so far, I have had the best time here on the Kiwi Experience. I have met some great friends and done so much it will be hard to prioritise. Here goes…

It all began back in Auckland we didn’t arrive at our hostel till gone 1am so was not amused when we turned up to get on the bus at 7:15am to then find out it was at 8:15 bloody ‘J’ had told us wrong. Our first stop on the Kiwi bus was Hot Water beach, on the way there  we stopped at Cathedral Cove where Macklemore filmed the “Can’t Hold Us” video. We got our first look at how beautiful New Zealand could be.


The first couple of days is just like starting uni all over again. You know you will be spending a lot of time with these people so you need to make the effort with as many as possible. We struck lucky with our roommates Sara and Claire the alcoholics, as well as Robbie and Erik. Across the hall we had ‘the kids’ a group of 4 18/19 year olds, Eleanor, Beth, Peter and Billy, who we stuck with all the way down to Wellington. The whole group went down to the beach at night to dig pits out in the sand to get to the hot water. I didn’t get in but felt it with my foot and can confirm it was very hot.

That night it felt like we were on a school trip, Erik the hilarious Norwegian guy kept us entertained walking around in his green pants and then telling us some bedtime stories of his time in the army. We laughed so much we were fearing a ‘teacher’ would come in and tell us off. We didn’t see much of Robbie that night, he was off with Tamantha* a firewoman from liverpool…


The next day we set off towards Waitomo, we shared a room again with Sara and Claire, this time it was more like a girls sleepover. When we got there we went straight to go tubing through the glow worm caves. This was not as thrilling as expected, seeing the glow worms was cool but having to paddle myself along in the freezing cold water was not fun. Claire provided some laughs though, she hated it and thought she was going to die. At one point she jumped back in her tube and fell off, the guide asked if she was still breathing, hilarious. That night lou found a set of keys, she handed them in and we all took the credit when the owner of the keys bought us a cider before pulling out his shorts and showing us where he kept his keys. He looked like Rolf Harris, coincidence? I think not.

I had such a good time the next day, on our way to Rotorua we stopped at Hobbiton, my main reason for coming to NZ. I loved every minute of it, it was so cute I would happily live there forever. It was really interesting as well learning more about the films and the effort they put into Hobbiton. I had a delicious steak and ale pie at the Green Dragon Inn and got a free cider, happy melton.(side note- they eat a lot of pies out here, so of course I have eaten my fair share) That night we stayed at a Mauri Village in Rotorua, it was so much fun. We learnt some games and did some weaving as well as learning a song which we performed to the rest of the guests at dinner, everyone really got into it, it was hilarious. That whole experience was definitely a school trip!!



Next day on the way to Taupo we stopped off at Te Puia, a thermal park with geysers and boiling mud, it stank of rotting eggs as did the whole town. It was really cool to see though and then our guide boiled us some eggs in a hot water pool, yummy. Not the most thrilling place we’ve been but it was the day we met Keith…to be continued.


Louises fact- New Zealand is quite literally middle earth.

*Tamantha is a fake name, Sam didn’t want her real name being used.


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