The water is so clear!!

Our next stop down the East Coast was Airlie beach. I absolutely loved this town, it was a really nice place to stay for a few nights and it was great as we met up with a few girls from Cairns. We spent most the time with them whilst there which was good as it mixed things up a bit for a few days and it felt like we were on a girls holiday.

Our main reason for being in Airlie beach was to visit the Whitsunday Islands. We only did a day trip,  there was an option to stay overnight but after the disaster of Great Barrier Reef I refused to. The Whitsundays were stunning, the water was so clear it was unbelievable. Our first stop was Whitehaven beach, it was stunning the sand was so white. The only thing that ruined it was the 5000 aisians taking selfies and full on photoshoots in the water. The other island we visited was Hamilton Island. We hired a golf buggy here and drove around the island which was a lot of fun. We ended the day chilling in a pool with a cocktail, felt like we were on holiday. Bliss.


We had to take our first overnight bus down to Hervey bay, I was not a fan. I felt sick pretty much the whole journey so just sat with my head between my legs spraying my face with Evian face mist to cool down. When we got to Hervey bay we couldn’t check in but was allowed in the common area. I just crashed, I’ve been told I wasn’t looking my best, double chin, legs all over the place and sweating profusely. I didn’t care I had a good sleep, just hope I didn’t put people off their breakfast too much.

From Hervey bay we took a trip to Fraser Island, we only stayed one night but that was enough, I had a great couple of days. We went to loads of beautiful spots, lakes, beaches and the shipwreck. I did feel however we didn’t get enough time at each place. We also went to some pointless cliffs that were meant to be different colours- just looked like the cliffs at old Hunstanton. The “roads” were just dug out pits in the sand and were lined by huge trees, looked like Sandringham. Overall it was a good weekend and glad we did it, the water again was ridiculously clear, we saw one creek which you couldn’t even tell there was water in it.



I was always excited to get to Brisbane as we were staying with one of my sisters best friends who moved out there, Lauren. She was an amazing host and made us feel really at home (she also makes the best salsa ever!!) It was great to have a few home comforts, 2 pillows, proper towels and a huge t.v. It was great, you never realise how much you miss these things until your parted from them for moths. I loved the city as well, a lot of people are not impressed by the city but I really liked it, much more there I would like to go back and do again. We did walk down southbank which was lovely, and went to the town hall museum. We practically threw our bags at the lady working the closet when she informed us the museum was free. We only go to free museums.

Our next stop was Surfers Paradise, we had heard mixed reviews of this place, my sister hated it whereas others loved it. We were going there to party and laze on a beach and that’s exactly what we did. It was fun we went on a couple of bar crawls, got our free drinks (half a shot with loads of ice) and stamps for the clubs then would go back to the hostel to drink goon to actually get drunk before heading back out again. It was a nice place, wouldn’t rush back but had a really good time.

Louises fact- Vodka rasberry is the way to go (we discovered this in Airlie Beach)


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