Can’t afford that

Byron Bay was a a really nice little town, but hellishly expensive. Glad we had only 2 nights there, although we did have some great food so can’t complain too much. We went to sunbathe by the beach (on the grass not the sand as we couldn’t be bothered to get all sandy). We were having a good time until a dad and his kids stood pointing at the rocks. Turns out there was a huge tiger snake down there, I had a look but louise swiftly left. Not a lot else happened there to onto our next overnight bus we went, this one wasn’t as bad but still lacked sleep.

When arriving in Sydney we decided not to let the lack of sleep defeat us and waste another day so we got straight onto an open top bus. A great way to see the city, it had a very big European influence, french looking buildings next to Italian then English ones, very pretty. The Sydney opera house looks really good from afar but up close not so impressive, needed a good clean. But the bridge was spectacular, we had dinner down by the quay one night looking over the bridge when a storm hit, it was awesome.

We visited bondi beach, it was alright, just a big beach. Nice to watch the surfers though and we saw someone getting rescued which was interesting and there we cameras so look out for us on bondi rescue. The blue mountains were pretty impressive, saw the 3 sisters then walked along one of the cliff walks, saw some spectacular views!! We went to Manly beach on our final day, it’s a really nice little town but it was raining when we visited which was a shame as it just felt like I was being dragged down to sunny hunny in the winter all over again. The hostel was horrible that we stayed in in Sydney, it was just really basic and the people staying there were incredibly messy, put a downer on our stay but still loved the city overall.



Melbourne was a our final stop in Australia, we didn’t have a lot of time here which was a shame but we made the most of it. We treated ourselves to a better hostel and stayed in the sanctuary section which was just for a girls, a nice change. The main thing we did in Melbourne was going to the Grand Prix, as soon as Louise heard it was there she was so excited so we got tickets. I actually had a great day, I love the atmosphere at sporting events so really enjoyed it and I got quite a few autographs as well. Lost my cool when I met Jenson Button trying to get an autograph shouting “I came all the way from England to see you” then when he ignored me I ran up the line and tried again, this time I was successful but lost all street cred by saying “do Britain proud”, he did awful, I feel bad I obviously put to much pressure on him. We got to run on the track at the end to cheer on Hamilton which was a laugh, pretty sure I kicked a child out the way clambering over the fence, all part of the fun.

On our second day we spent it round the city with a girl we met on Fraser Island, and met up with Ewan from Cairns which was really nice. Would have been good to spend more time here to explore the city a bit more, we rode trams though so I was happy.

My least favorite airport is officially Sydney, had to pay to get the train from the domestic airport to the international one, $5.80. I was fuming definitely had an Alan Melton moment and made my views on the subject very clear.

I absolutely loved my time in Australia, the heat was unbearable at times but it was all worth it, got a good tan so can’t complain. I would definitely visit Australia again but next time with a lot more money so I could do the things I missed out on.

Louises fact- Don’t sunbathe near rocks.


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