G’day Mate, The Australian Adventure Begins

Arriving in Australia we thought the Visa part would be easy. But no, we were pulled aside and questioned quite a bit as they were concerned we were unemployed and thought we would end up working here with no working visa. No chance, ain’t nobody got time for that. After persuading him I was gonna be the next British Prime Minister we made it into the country.

Darwin was our first stop in Australia, we wanted to go here as it was somewhere people don’t usually go on their travels, they usually stick to the east coast. It was an alright place, I wouldn’t say amazing as there wasn’t a lot to do, but the national park we visited ‘Lichfield’ was stunning. So worth a visit for that I’d say!

We arrived at 7:30am and couldn’t check in till 12:30 so we dumped our bags and wondered around, in search of Wi-Fi which we found in McDonalds. We also went to the cinema again to fill some time, this time to see American Sniper, which I loved! When we finally got checked in, the room was a disaster, it stank, the air con was broken and it was covered in peoples clothes. It was the first time we just wanted to check into a hotel instead, but we persevered forward and apart from a German staring at us for 4 days and us sweating constantly it wasn’t that bad.

The Lichfield national park tour was really good, it was made up of mostly old people which was brilliant, practically a WI outing. It started off with a crocodile boat trip, which was good/ scary, we saw plenty of crocs which was an added bonus and the guide dangled meat over the side of the boat so they jumped up for that. The guide on the crocs was a man who I feel lived off the land and spent every day with crocs and hadn’t shaved in about 20 years. After the crocs we saw some termite mounds then went on to see a waterfall and swim in a creak which was really needed as the heat is so unbearable. We also swam in some natural rock pools and then it started to rain but I still went and swam under the last waterfall which was amazing.

Not much else happened in Darwin so off to cairns we went.



Cairns is one of the best places I have ever been, there is so much to do there, you could spend weeks there but would spend a fortune!! We stayed at Gilligan’s which we heard was the best place, it was huge and had a great pool (didn’t go in it just looked good) and its own night club so didn’t have to go far for a good night out. The rooms were decent just a shame we had two absolute idiot American guys in our room. They loved themselves and each other, it was embarrassing how dumb they were, certainly not on my list of people to keep in touch with.

The greatest day of my life happened in Cairns, and that was Uncle Brian’s rainforest and waterfalls tour. Our guide was called ‘cousin Brad’  when we got on the mini bus in the morning and he started talking you could see the whole bus already dreading the day, he was a lot to handle, but by the end everyone loved him!! He made sure everyone got involved and the whole group mixed together. The waterfalls (one of them was where Peter Andre ‘mysterious girl’ was filmed)  and lake at the top of a volcano were stunning but the highlight was the time we spent on the bus. I wish we could have spent weeks on there. We were doing the macarena in the aisle whilst going round a bendy mountain road, then doing the Harlem shake and flashing cars on the highway… safety first. He played the best music and it was sing a long after sing along! One of the best bits was putting on ‘eye of the tiger’ then going off road down a hill, we all went crazy for it banging on the roof and singing our hearts out. There is so much more I could say but I would literally be here forever. We made some great friends though, Charlee, Lillie, Emily & of course Ewan then only guy on the trip. We had a great day then we all went out that night as well and the next which was so much fun.

The next day we went to the Great Barrier Reef, which was really pretty, but not as many cool fish as I was expecting. I did see a turtle though and touched it, it was beautiful! I felt ill all day, being on a boat for that amount of time was not good for me!! But I wasn’t sick which I’m very proud of.

Cairns was so good and if I visit Australia again I will definitely do it all over again and do even more that I missed out on. We got on our first greyhound bud and headed down to Townsville which wasn’t too bad, free WiFi and USB ports to charge our phones.


Townsville was a really nice place, it was very homely and calm which was a nice change from Cairns in a way as it gave us time to rest. We visited Magnetic Island whilst there which was beautiful. Had so many little hidden beaches which we attempted to get to but we got to hot and turned around. But later we went to a nice beach which was right near the bus stop so not a lot of effort. We also visited bungalow bay koala village. I got to hold a koala bear which was so soft and adorable. Also held a baby croc, a tortoise, numerous lizards and a snake which was so heavy, even Louise conquered her fear to hold it, very proud! Overall it was a nice day and if we had stayed longer it would have been nice to hire a little car to see more of it.



That’s our first leg of Australia over, so far so good!! But expensive, the money just disappears out here, all donations welcome haha.

Louise’s fact- There is a McDonald’s on every street corner in Australia (love me a Oreo McFlurry)


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