Final few stops in South East Asia

We got told by a couple of people who we have met not to go to Krabi as the town was awful and had a lot of tourists. We took their advice and booked into somewhere for the night to use it as a lay over to get to the islands. On arrival we realised we had made a huge mistake as we were staying right on the coast line. The hostel we stayed at offered so many cool things, like kayaking in caves and a secret beach, but we were leaving the next morning so missed out on that unfortunately. But we did stay in a little shack which I loved but Louise hated.

Our first Island stop was Koh Lanta, it was such a lovely island but didn’t have lot to do there so we took this time to relax on a beach and start work on our tans, and I brought a snorkel. I would say that it was a good family resort though, but you might as well just go to Tenerife and save yourself some money and a long flight. Highlight there was at a restaurant one night after we’d had a few cocktails and paid the waiter, he says to me ‘Thank you sir’. Oh god we laughed so much, fuelled by alcohol it was such a funny moment.


Our next stop was the island of Koh phi phi, we knew it was going to be a party place and we were staying at a party hostel so we were looking forward to a good few nights out. We met up with some boys who we met all the way back in Ho Chi Minh, it was good to see them again and we had a right laugh over the next few days. It was like being back at home having a little crew again. We all went to an “Ibiza” pool party which was just full of guys that loved themselves, so chavy!! We also went to Maya bay with the boys which was great, it was so nice, we went snorkelling and swimming in different bays of islands. The actual bay where the film ‘the beach’ was filmed was really pretty but crammed with tourists. We all went for a swim and one by one we all drifted away from the group to do the classic British thing…have a piss in the sea, classy.
I was really ill one day on the Island, I had, lets say, a ‘dodgy tummy’ so i took a tablet for it (imodium) but got really dizzy from it as a side effect so couldn’t get out of bed all day. Louise was a star and looked after me bringing me a pancake with banana and nutella on it, yummmy. But don’t worry I felt better in time for the night out, staying in is not really a choice. We went to a bar where they get drunk people from the audience to box and if you take part you get a free ‘bucket’. Entertaining but you would never see that in the UK.


On our way down to Malaysia we stopped in a really random place in Thailand called Trang. There was literally no-one there, not touristy at all, very authentic Thailand. On the first night we walked for about half an hour to find somewhere that had a menu in English, on the second night we walked 5 mins in the other direction and had a KFC, which wasn’t nice at all so wish we hadn’t bothered.

The first stop in Malaysia was Penang, an island off the mainland, we stayed in Georgetown. I loved it here as it was much more developed than anywhere we had been so far and we had a lot to do. We went up Penang Hill which had great views and also up another hill to a temple with a giant Buddha, again great views of the city. We also treated ourselves to a visit to a chocolate museum. Which was just one room explaining how to make chocolate, it was no Cadbury world that’s for sure, but it was free and had a great shop. We also went to a history museum which had a random 3D photo shoot at the end. I had a great time, I love an impromptu photoshoot, I’m always ready! We had a trip to the cinema as well, didn’t realise how much I missed watching stuff!! When I asked the lady at the desk if the film was in English, she sarcastically replied “well yes it’s an American film” didn’t need the attitude it came with, not a stupid question I thought bearing in mind we are in Asia and other places we have been the films were dubbed. We went to see Jupiter Ascending, it was awful glad I only paid £2 for it. So cheap!!! And popcorn was only a pound, sort it out UK.



Arriving in Kuala Lumpur the first thing we did was go for a Nandos. Chicken was great just as good as home, although major disappointment on the sides, no mash and no halloumi, majorly gutted. Our hostel was awesome, our beds were like little pods and it was all really nicely furnished. It also had a roof top bar that looked out onto the Petronus towers which was a great view, had a good boogie there, DJ played some right tunes. We went up the towers on the second night and walked across the skybridge between them, the views were spectacular, it was so high up. We also went to the Batu caves whist there which were a major disappointment. Would be nicer if they weren’t filled with litter and monkeys running around everywhere. The highlight here was probably finding Marks & Spencer, which had a food section, we were so happy to find it and was amazed at everything in it!! We of course stocked up for our bus journey down to Singapore.


The final stop of our trip in Asia was Singapore, by far my favourite place so far. The city was amazing, it was like a bigger version of Canary Wharf. Even though it was too expensive for us to do anything, we had a great time walking around exploring and seeing everything we could do if we had money, for example- shop in the billion malls (literally a mall on every street) go up to the top of the ship hotel, go on the wheel, walk around the sky garden and much more, that was just the city centre. Instead of all this we just picked out places we could work and live in the future. Everyone was so business orientated and plenty of wealth 😉 We did go to the cinema here to see 50 Shades of Grey. Quite a crap film but Mr grey was good to look at. We were the only white people in there which we only realised at the end when the lights went up and we turned around haha. The audience was very noisy they just chatted throughout, it was quite relaxed which was actually alright as we could comment more on the film. They also laughed constantly at anything sexual and anytime they said a famous quote from the book. Hilarious. We ended our stay there by spending valentines day in the airport (we literally spent 7 hours at it)

Louise’s fact- quite a generalisation, but Asians are the nicest people you will meet.
I can back this up, my leg was bleeding on the MRT in Singapore and a girl dug out a plaster from her bag to give to me. Kindness you don’t find everywhere!

It’s sad to think Asia is now done, but I will certainly be back!! I have had an amazing time and now we are off to Australia for our adventure to continue. Very excited for some normality and toilets that actually let you flush toilet roll down them instead of putting it in a bin next to it, not a nice thing! Lou is excited to be able to walk into a toilet and not have the fear of it being a squat toilet.

Bonus Louise fact- Asians love a selfie.


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