O.M.B – Luang Prabang & Chiang Mai

Everyone had said Laos was beautiful and they were not wrong, we only went to Luang Prabang but it was stunning and seemed like a normal holiday resort, I could easily see my family going there. The main attraction in Luang Prabang was the Kuang Si Waterfall, it was really
pretty and had so many layers to it with one bit looking like centre parcs!! We went for lunch in a nice restaurant which
looked out over the waterfall and I had my first pineapple shake, so yummy!!

We found a new love for Asian Night markets whilst in Laos, they are just so much nicer than any market I’ve ever been to, selling little individual things all with such detail! Now everywhere we go we make sure we check out the night market!
One of the coolest dinners we went for was a BBQ along the Mekong River. It was a buffet style thing that you picked and then cooked yourself, one of the yummiest meals to date. A lot better than the next night when I decided to try steamed fish in coconut milk, that sounds good doesn’t it? But no it wasn’t a curry thing as expected it was more of a moose, it was vile and my worst decision yet. Thankfully I had chips on the side so just ate them.

After a great few days in Laos we headed back into Thailand, this time in the north to Chiang Mai. We started off our time here doing our favourite thing, a night market, and this time we decided to eat the food as well. It was so so good, and I found a new love for street food, although it was mostly just meat on a stick and I had a corn on the cob.

We went zip lining on our first day, as of course, we love our adventure days. It was great fun, I loved it all apart from a few times we just abseiled down, which I did not like as they dropped you down really fast. They found it hilarious, I did not. We went in a group with a load of Chinese people and a family from Taiwan. They loved me, eveytime I was scared or a bit out of breath they found it hilarious, definitely should start doing stand up in Asia. We had our first encounter of an Asian wanting their picture taken with a white person. A Chinese girl and her mum asked for a photo, then later on she sat with us at lunch and her mum sneaked up half way through to take photos of us. Odd but also sweet that this was a big thing for her. We were talking about singers and asked her if she knew any English speaking stars. Like me I’m sure you would expect a 19 year old girl to say someone like Beyonce or Rihanna, no, her answer was…. Andrew Lloyd Webber and Sarah Brightman, she loves phantom of the opera and many of his other musicals, so we all had a little sing along of Joseph and the Technicolour dream coat. You just can’t make this up!

On our second day we visited the ‘Happy Elephant home’ a sanctuary for elephants who had been forced to work, like having people ride them etc. We got to feed them in the morning and played a bit in the mud with them and then went out to cut down sugar cane to feed them. Felt like I was back in the fen again doing some farm work. After feeding them that we got to take them down to the river to bathe. It was such an amazing day, they are such a beautiful animal and I loved every moment of it. Also our guide was a ladyboy with the worst hair extensions I have ever seen, she provided laughs throughout the day.

We went for a night out and had such a laugh, it was good to have a nice dance and we even saw the ladyboy guide from the elephants, she was loving it. The bar played some really good music and a few random classics like the Macarena and early Britney stuff. The Thai loved it, we loved it, everyone was happy. Louise also got hit on by a prostitute, it was hilarious as she kept touching her and kissing her cheek, lou had to keep anti- bactering her face. But then this woman bit her and that was a bit too much so she moved a way. Great laughs for me though!

On my final full day I just relaxed, Louise went shopping with Jenny and I went off to a pool with Catherine (2 girls who we met in out dorm, they were so nice and it was good to spend some time with others) It felt so good to finally relax and it felt like I was actually on holiday! We all met up again later and went for a massage by ex women prisoners. We just had foot massages which were really good, although I’m pretty sure my lady was mocking me constantly, esp my little toe, as she held it and said something to the others to which they all just laughed. The day got even more random when we went to a ladyboy cabaret show. It was hilarious, these guys really go for it and it’s quite upsetting realising these men have better figures than me!!!

We had a great time there and met some really lovely people. Up next we are headed down to the Thai Islands for a beach holiday/ bit of partying.

Louise’s fact- if you want to learn to barter go to Luang Prabang. She would know, she is the barter queen!


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