We own Bangkok

Starting out in Bangkok worried me, completely different culture & language as well as bad stories I had heard. I need not have worried, what I found was an up and coming city filled with hard working/ friendly people who couldn’t do enough for you, yes it may have been a bit smelly in places and dirty but it is a city after all. People said we would start of loving it but in the end hate, quite the contrary at first I was suspicious but by the end I really enjoyed myself and would recommend it.

Whilst there we did the usual touristy things we visited Koh san road which was not as crazy as I thought it would be, more like a malia strip. We just had a couple of beers and watched everyone, including a lot of drunk Brits. Only odd thing was the men holding up signs for ping pong shows and monkey blowjobs-what ever they are. We also visited some temple, the architecture on these is magnificent such intricate details which are beautiful and very peaceful. Best thing I saw was the reclining Buddha in Wat Pho which I heard was big but that did not prepare me for the size of it. Massive. Definitely gonna get one created of my self when I’m old and rich. We then went on to the Grand palace which like the temples was set over a huge area. It had very pretty temples within the grounds including the Emerald Buddha. The other Temples we visited lacked information but this did not, here it filled in history questions and a lot about the royal family etc. Palace itself I thought was very European but with a Thai style roof. We got along the river on a long tail speed boat, it was a rip off but very fun.

I was excited we got to ride in a Tuk tuk- crazy driving esp as roads are so busy as like any city. We also rode the Bts- which is there over ground train system I found this a lot better than London underground. It had good air con and little lights on the map to show where you are. It was also very cheap and it seems the wealthy people ride it as opposed to the buses.

An added bonus to our trip was a visit to a Health clinic, Louise convinced herself she got rabies from treading in a puddle. Here are some facts about rabies we learnt, once airborne it doesn’t survive long, the virus needs a host to survive and once hits water it is killed. A nice thai doctor confirmed this for us in a dodgy clinic which was useful to have although it was said by everyone to be a clinic for passion haha. We also had to go to the Vietnamese embassy- which was not what we expected, it was just a little shack with a fan, not the place to be when I was already over heating.

My traveling partner would like to give a fact each time, her fact of Bangkok is- the pavements are bad.

Just arrived in Cambodia already know my next blog post will be full of some disasters!


One comment

  1. Aimee · January 11, 2015

    I cannot wait for more of Louise’s facts! 😂


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