And so it begins…

Our adventure started at 4am UK time, early start but certainly worth it. The flights here were actually OK, the food that came round was a curry which I tried but didn’t eat much of it as it was spicy. But I did accept a hot chicken wrap later on which was a flavour I’d never tasted before but loved it! (I love food so knowing me this may turn into a food blog)

Stopped over in Mumbai which was a mad rush with some very shouty security staff. The airport was lovely though, shame we didn’t have an extra hour to explore it more.  The next flight dragged, only 4 hours but it felt like forever.

Arriving in Bangkok it was 7:30am local time and 26° heat. The heat is very odd, no wind just very warm air! The hotel is tucked down a side street but it is lovely, and the staff are so friendly, can’t do enough for you. We was supposed to go to the Vietnamese embassy to get our visas but instead our 2 hour nap turned into 7 hours, bur it’s definitely important to catch up on your sleep whenever you can.  We ventured out to get dinner, the area we are in is very built up with big skyscrapers, the business district- Sukhumvit. We first went into a Argentinan steak house, although after sitting down we realised we could not afford it and literally ran out,so cringe. We resisted the kfc, McDonalds and starbucks on our road and ended up in a Thai restaurant at the top of a huge shopping centre, the food looked OK, tasted good as well. One meal down so should be able to survive the rest!

Little pamper session back in the hotel and off to bed we went.


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